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About Us

Duesberg Bosson is an Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Strategic Advisory firm based in Mumbai, India. The firm is focussed on emerging market economies with a focus on India. The firm has following distinct business verticals:

Maitreya Financial Advisors

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Asset Management

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Strategic Advisory

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Proprietary Investments

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Duesberg’s experienced management team coupled with our long standing strong global relationships enable it to effectively & efficiently service our client’s needs. The firm’s expertise lies in developing, financing and investing in infrastructure projects in emerging market economies.


Through its history, Duesberg has effectively serviced the vast and diverse needs of its clients ranging from structuring and raising capital for infrastructure projects in India to project development activities in the SADAC region of Africa. Our unique blend of financial and project development expertise coupled with our strong global relationships enable us to provide superior solutions to our clients and create a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

Our Ethos

Duesberg believes in a “stakeholder” approach in addressing the requirements of its clients. We view ourselves as our clients “partners” and take a personalised approach in order to devise creative yet indelible solutions. We believe in lasting partnerships and engagements, ones that withstand short term market turbulences and the vagaries of the business and economic cycle. Our clients, transactions and investments are dictated by the goal of creating sustainable long term value for all stakeholders and are thus steadfast and withstand the test of time.


Duesberg’s ethos is based on trust. We are trusted by our clients and we do so by aligning our interests with that of our clients. Trust is a critical factor in any business and especially in the financial services sector. Hence, we have built our business by being a trusted partner and associated for our clients who protects their long term interest.

Our Ethics

We at Duesberg are endowed with a strong moral compass and ensure that we engage with clients and partake in transactions based on exhaustive legal and ethical due diligence. We choose our clients after a painstaking diligence process so as to ensure that we share a similar moral and ethical bearing. At Duesberg, we believe that good ethics mean good business and that a strong moral code creates long term shareholder value and ensure success for all the stakeholders involved. Hence, all our clients, investments and transactions pass the acid test of moral and ethical compliance and are held in good steed by the market.

Our Specialization

Duesberg’s specialization lies in developing, financing and investing in infrastructure projects in emerging market economies. Further, our investment banking team helps Indian companies raise capital from domestic and international sources to meet their short term and long term funding requirements. Duesberg’s strategic advisory team assists a range of different companies with macroeconomic and sector specific advice and co-develops projects with them.


Our team comprising of individuals with both financial and project development experience has experience in dealing with peaks and troughs of the business and economic cycle as well as the myriad development risks faced by projects and companies in emerging market economies such as India and sub-Saharan Africa. This helps us better assess project and company risk and find effective risk mitigation steps which helps generate superior returns for both, our clients as well as investors and financial institutions.