Duesberg | Strategic Advisory
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Strategic Advisory

Duesberg’s emerging market focussed strategic advisory team provides a wide range of macroeconomic, country & sector specific and project development advisory services to its clients. Our multitude of clients across business sectors value our deep insights into local market conditions, our understanding of the ground reality, our deep rooted relationships in various markets and our honest forecast for business growth. Our ability to identify and develop business opportunities coupled with our ability to “troubleshoot” when the inevitable bumps on the road appear renders our services invaluable to our clients.


Our areas of expertise lie in the Indian sub-continent region and across countries in eastern and southern Africa. We believe these emerging high growth economies are extremely attractive to investors and we assist them by devising business strategies to maximise return while effectively mitigating the myriad risks faced in these markets. Duesberg has assisted its clients with project development activities in these countries as well as market entry and market development strategies. Further, our team has helped our clients develop the opportunity from the initial prospecting stage to a full-fledged and functional business. As in our other business verticals, we believe in being “partners” with our clients through the entire value chain of the project development process.


Macroeconomic Advisory

Duesberg assists its clients in devising strategies to address the dynamic and constantly evolving business environment. Our Macroeconomic and policy advisory team assists our clients in creating models to best estimate emerging trends in the economy so as to enable them to take advantage of potential tail winds in the economy or be best prepared for any bumps in the road. Our policy advisory team assists our clients in interpreting policy and how best it relates to their business and helps devise relevant strategies to remain competitive in the revised regulatory environment.

Selected past & current Projects

  • Ongoing macroeconomic advisory for a leading Indian financial services group
  • Policy and macroeconomic outlook for a Middle Eastern Bank
  • India investment outlook for a large South East Asian Bank
  • Ongoing macroeconomic advisory for a leading global financial services group
  • Macroeconomic outlook for the Southern African region

Project Development

Developing projects in emerging economies is a painstaking process. Duesberg assists our clients by hand holding them through the entire project development process. We conceive and incubate projects in the areas of our clients’ business interests, seed them and manage them with our team and then bring on our clients’ team and hand-hold them through the entire process. This is a key focus of Duesberg’s as it is in tune with our entrepreneurial ethos.

Selected Projects

  • Development of an infrastructure project in Mozambique
  • 340 MW wind farm in the Western Cape, South Africa
  • Development of a FBO in Sri Lanka for private jet aviation
  • Power project development in Zambia
  • Educational and healthcare complex acquisition in South Africa
  • Wind farm development in Tanzania
  • Construction work in Qatar
  • Renewable energy development in Turkey
  • Agro-chemical plan acquisition in Romania
  • Renewable energy investments in India